Minecraft Full Version 1.12.2

After downloading Minecraft on our website you will be able to play the full version. You just need to install, launch the game and login with your account details.

Free Forever

You are downloading the official Minecraft version for free and this means that you will be able to play the game forever. You are able to download every update for the game.

Multiplayer Online

It's possible to play multiplayer online with all your friends. You won't need to play on a cracked server since you will get the official Minecraft version. In this version you can play on the real servers, all others are also playing here.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Free

Minecraft pocket edition free

We can say that the Minecraft Pocket Edition Free is the little brother off the orginal version. It’s a pocket version that means that you can play it on any mobile device. In this article we will be explaining what the pocket edition is. Which game options it has, gameplay, game modus and many more. We will show you exactly how to get the minecraft pocket edition for free. You are able to play this game on your mobile device. If you want to directly download minecraft pocket edition and you aren’t interested in the article. You can skip the part and continue by clicking on the download button below. If you are interested in more information please keep reading this article because we have put much effort in this.

You can purchase the minecraft pocket edition in the playstore and itunes store. However on this website there will be a option to get the official minecraft pocket edition free so stay tuned. The pocket edition from Minecraft looks the same like the version on pc & mac. The biggest difference between both versions is that on a mobile device the screen is much smaller. This way its less intense to play the game but still fun enough. Because off its smaller screen the gameplay changes a bit. You will turn much faster on a smaller screen because the world is large.


Still its easy to play this game because the overall gameplay is the same as pc & mac version. With 50 million plus players playing the game on a regular base it’s one of the best mobile games available for every device. The popularity is insane like the Minecraft pc & mac version. While first the pocket edition came out, the biggest complains was that it didn’t look and feel the same as the version on the PC. Recent updates have made it look and feel exact the same, even the build structures are the same. Many challengers have been added while before there was nothing to challenge.

This makes the minecraft pocket edition insanely popular. Because it’s fun to play on a mobile device while you hang down on a sofa. No need to have a big pc screen or a mouse and keyboard. Just keeping the control with your hands is much more fun for the people that play the pocket edition.

minecraft pocket edition free


For the parents & Our experience

The parents need to know that the kids can learn a lot while playing the minecraft pocket edition free. It’s the little brother from the Minecraft PC (sandbox style) and it plays exactly the same. It’s latest version is not a alpha build anymore and has complete features. Kids can learn a lot because they can build with 3d blocks. They have been doing this in the past with lego (but this way virtual). They can communicate with other friends or players and learn how to creatively build a building. This comes all down to some good skills development in the virtual world.

Not harmfull

There is no Violence & scariness and no harmfull stuff in the game. That’s why it’s the most favorite game for kids. They are not getting anything that may cause problems or have impact on a child. We have been playing the minecraft pocket edition free. We did this on our mobile device and the game looks and plays the same like the pc version. For us the best place to play the game was on a sofa at night. While hanging for the tv playing some minecraft pocket edition it’s very fun to do. Playing this game overnight would be the best option to do. While playing the PC version in the morning or afternoon. We would recommed the game and download it via our website so you can have much fun playing this game for free.

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