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The real minecraft for free

You can play the real minecraft for free at this website called minecraftfreedownloads. There is no doubt that this game is totally free because we have been very busy setting this up. This game isn't cracked but it's the real version. If you want to download it you need to complete one of our sponsored advertisers ads. This will give us a small amount of $ and for you it's completely free. This way we can download minecraft free and play on the orginal servers. Once you have made a Mojang gaming account you can install the game and login. After login you can select your favorite game and can start playing it. You can join the multiplayer and singeplayer servers it's up to you. You don't need to worry about any new updates because you can download them when they pop-up. The great things about minecraft is that you can play it on any device with your friends. For example if you want to play it on your mobile you can download the pocket edition, you can play it on school or home whenever you want.

How to download minecraft for free

The main question we often get is how to download minecraft for free. Most sites online do offer you some weird crappy online version. This isn't even the real game. It's just a game in your browser and has nothing to do with Minecraft. Thats why we decided to make a tutorial about how you can obtain it free. You just simply go to the page Minecraft free download, if you are on that page you can click the big green button "download minecraft", after this it's very easy to get the game. You will see instructions just follow them and if you don't understand it you can contact us.

Minecraft download free full version

When I play minecraft I play it with so much fun. There is in my eyes no better game than this game. You can build whatever you want and it never stops, if you want to build a garden you can build it, if you want to build a pool you can build it. You can do everything you want and there are no limits. This is why Minecraft is unique, in most games there are a lot elements you are not allowed to use and in Minecraft you can do anything you want. Free minecraft download the full game at our website and enjoy playing it. You might aswell play the pocket edition but thats your choice.

Minecraft full download

You will get the minecraft full download exe to install the game and the latest updates. You will need a Mojang account because otherwise you can't play this game. If you have created an account you can login and start playing this game. If you want to play with friends you need to add them to your friend list. Once they accept you you can play with your friends online in multiplayer servers. There are no cracked servers needed because its the orginal minecraft version. You can also get the minecraft story mode for free. This is more a version like in a real movie. You will play the game in story's, each edition is a whole new version and you won't get bored. The image above shows you which skin pack you can get on the PS3. But also on the PC or other devices if you want. The edition comes with awesome minecraft skins and if you want to collect them all it will cost you some time to play, but you will love it. I've made more than 1200 hours playing this game and got a lot skins, i trade them or keep them for my self or give them to my friends. However i like to play the official minecraft and the pocket edition more than the story edition. I get bored if i play the story edition because I know that I can't play with my friends online.